Module code: DAN3024

Module provider

Guildford School of Acting

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FHEQ Level 6

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Module Availability

Year long

Overall student workload

Independent Study Hours: 443

Assessment pattern

Assessment type Unit of assessment Weighting
Coursework DISSERTATION 100

Alternative Assessment


Prerequisites / Co-requisites

HE3 Research Methodologies

Module overview

This module requires students to research and complete an independent research project within the field of dance studies.



Module aims

To research and present an extended piece of work on a dance-specific topic, in consultation with a supervisor

Learning outcomes

Attributes Developed
In-depth knowledge of a research topic in an area of specific dance interest. K
Thorough understanding and application of relevant theories and methodologies K
Ability to identify, articulate and present (in written, visual and/or performance modes) a dance-specific topic within clearly-defined parameters. C
Ability to use appropriate research methodologies and to present a sound rationale for their application C
Ability to construct, sustain and debate complex arguments and to critique contradictory information C
Ability to critically evaluate findings to support conclusions and/or recommendations C
Ability to direct and manage own learning with minimum guidance. P
Ability to locate and use appropriate primary and secondary sources. P
  Ability to work independently on drafts of work and to write up a final version in the required format P
Ability to produce a cogent and coherent piece of work resulting from self-directed research and problem-solving. P

Attributes Developed

C - Cognitive/analytical

K - Subject knowledge

T - Transferable skills

P - Professional/Practical skills

Module content

In conjunction with the Research Methodologies module, this module is tutorial-led and directs students to the completion of a Dissertation. The choice of Dissertation topic may arise from a specific dance interest developed through theoretical and/or practical experience at Levels HE1-2 or from professional training at Level P. The topic should have appropriate content and parameters and should be designed to demonstrate the student’s analytical, critical and evaluative skills. It is possible for the Dissertation to be part practical in nature. If this is the case, the written part of the Dissertation will be shorter and may be of a different nature. In this instance, the relative weighting of written and practical work will be negotiated between tutor and student. In all cases, however, the written component must constitute at least 50% of the Dissertation, i.e. 6,000 words or equivalent, and will count for at least half of the marks. 




Methods of Teaching / Learning




Assessment Strategy

Reading list

Reading list for DISSERTATION : http://aspire.surrey.ac.uk/modules/dan3024

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