Module code: THE1021

Module provider

Guildford School of Acting

Module Leader


Number of Credits


ECTS Credits



FHEQ Level 4

JACs code


Module cap (Maximum number of students)


Module Availability

Semester 1

Overall student workload

Independent Study Hours: 128

Assessment pattern

Assessment type Unit of assessment Weighting
Practical based assessment PERFORMANCE (GROUP) 100

Alternative Assessment

Performance (Individual, with adjusted timings)

Prerequisites / Co-requisites


Module overview

This module introduces selected techniques, competencies and approaches to theatre acting, for example, Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, LeCoq and Brecht. These may include or draw on physical preparation, awareness of body, awareness of voice and speech, inner life and characterisation.  The module establishes the importance of informed self-awareness, focus and inner attitude in the work of the actor.

Module aims

Introduce a selection of naturalistic and non-naturalistic acting techniques

Facilitate an understanding of the relationship between theatrical text and performance, specific to the development of character.

Introduce techniques of creative and imaginative expression in the performance of coherent, complex characters

Introduce techniques of effective communication while on stage

Learning outcomes

Attributes Developed
1 Demonstrate attention to selected techniques of acting character in a performance KCP
2 Present a character that reflects creative and imaginative engagement in technique and, to some extent, reveals both coherence and complexity of characterization CP
3 Clearly communicate information, attitudes and ideas of a character in a specific performance KCPT

Attributes Developed

C - Cognitive/analytical

K - Subject knowledge

T - Transferable skills

P - Professional/Practical skills

Module content

Indicative content may include:

research and textual analysis,
identifying ‘units of action’
finding a ‘through line’.
rehearsal processes
physical preparation/awareness of body
awareness of voice and speech
characterisation and inner life
the actor’s role in performance processes

Methods of Teaching / Learning

The learning and teaching strategy is designed to:

Prepare students to work as an actor in a production, to use techniques to take on a character and show understanding of and engagement with the role in the context of a whole play/performance. Sessions will introduce techniques and allow time to test and explore those techniques for particular characters.

The learning and teaching methods include:

11x practical classes

Assessment Strategy

The assessment strategy is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate

skills/techniques that can be used in acting
effective selection and application of techniques in a particular role
knowledge of character in the context of a complete play/performance

Thus, the summative assessment for this module consists of:

A performance of a character, using selected techniques from the module and demonstrating and awareness of the context(s) at hand.

Formative assessment and feedback

Feedback (written and/or verbal) will be given on work in class. Students should attend to feedback given to others as well as to themselves as this will help them understand where other students are taking on feedback and enhancing their work as a result.

Reading list


Programmes this module appears in

Programme Semester Classification Qualifying conditions
Dance with Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) 1 Optional A weighted aggregate mark of 40% is required to pass the module
Liberal Arts and Sciences BA (Hons)/BSc (Hons) 1 Optional A weighted aggregate mark of 40% is required to pass the module
Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) 1 Compulsory A weighted aggregate mark of 40% is required to pass the module
Media Studies with Theatre and Performance BA (Hons) 1 Optional A weighted aggregate mark of 40% is required to pass the module

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